What Really Matters?

One thing that I came to realize as I walked through the valley is that what I was experiencing in the flesh was only temporary. Just as the seasons pass, so would the storm. What mattered was keeping an eternal perspective. My faith was hanging in the balance. My daughter’s well-being was being threatened. My husband’s soul was at stake. As that realization dawned on me, I came to understand that the choices I made would have an eternal impact for good or for evil. That was a sobering revelation. I was not fighting against my husband or the other woman; I was warring against the Prince of this World, the Accuser of the Brethren, and the enemy of our souls.  I was fighting against the one  the Bible says desires to steal, kill and destroy. But, guess what? He can only steal, kill, and destroy when we let him, when we do nothing. He has no power over us that we do not give him. Now, I am not going to mislead you by stating that I never give Satan any power over me. I do. I let little, inconsequential, temporary things get me upset. I let myself get angry over things when I do not need to. I am not perfect, but I am being perfected. Since the battle I was facing was of eternal consequence, I was being called by God to fight. At one point, God’s spirit rose up so strongly in me and I heard his battle cry: “Rise up, oh mighty woman of God! You have got to fight!” God called me–simple, ordinary, imperfect me–mighty!!! I can tell you that I most definitely did not feel mighty, but God saw me as mighty. Wow! For the God of the universe to consider me mighty! The trumpet had sounded, the battle cry had been issued, but I had to take up the gauntlet, stand in the gap for my husband, and fight like eternity depended on it. Because it did. My husband’s soul depended on it. Regardless of what happened in my marriage, God cared about my husband’s soul. Whether my marriage could be salvaged or not, I did not want my husband to spend eternity separated from God. That would be far worse than anything he had done to me.

I had my marching orders. I heard the voice of God loudly and clearly. There was no mistaking what he was asking me to do. I was tired, I was discouraged, I was suffering…But none of that mattered—not in the light of eternity. Was I going to use the weapons of spiritual warfare to stand against the enemy or was I going to allow my feelings and my circumstances to dictate what I did? If you get nothing else from this post, please hold on to this truth: Eternity is what matters. Souls are what matter. It is not that God did not care that I was hurting and struggling. It is not that he turned a deaf ear to my cries. But what He cared about more than anything else was the soul of my husband, and I am the one that he chose to use to fight for that soul.

So, I squared off with Satan. I looked him in his beady little eyes, and I stomped my foot. As the sound echoed throughout the unseen but all too real spiritual realm, I shouted, “Satan, you will NOT get my family without a fight, and I will fight you with all I’ve got!” With those words, the heated battle began…

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