When anyone refuses to forgive someone who has hurt them, regardless of who it is and how badly they were hurt, the one who withholds forgiveness is hurting him/herself. Your lack of forgiveness says a lot about the condition of your heart, as well as your relationship with God. If you are a Christian, you do NOT have the right to withhold forgiveness from anyone. Choosing not to forgive someone hurts you, not them. Don’t live in past. Let it go so you can find the peace you so desperately need. No matter how badly you have been hurt or how much you think the other person does not deserve your forgiveness, consider Jesus, who never wronged anyone, yet went to the cross so you can be forgiven if you ask it of him. You did not deserve his forgiveness. I did not deserve his forgiveness. He forgives us when we ask because he LOVES us and love keeps no record of wrongs. You cannot say you love God and choose to withhold forgiveness. So, if that is your stance, then read the Bible and all Jesus had to say about forgiveness. If you do that and still believe it is okay for you to choose not to forgive and to stand in judgement of others and throw their sins against you up in their face every chance you get, I can only pray that before you die, you will truly find God, because you are only fooling yourself now. And it will destroy you!


4 thoughts on “Unforgiveness

  1. I think There also needs to be a requirement for repentance, and for space allowed for forgiveness to come as it is both a choice and a process – not an immediate knee jerk reaction


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