You made your bed


I wish people would get this through their thick skulls. You make the choice, you have consequences. People are ruining their lives and their character by the “It’s not my fault,” and what I call the “victim mentality” in our society. I’ve seen it in too many people, and it is a big fat LIE. There is a saying, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”  People just can’t handle the truth. They are who they are because of the choices they made. Put on your big boy/girl underwear and grow up and own YOUR choices!!!!

I can respect and have compassion on people who make mistakes and bad choices, and ADMIT their mistakes and own up to the choices they made. I do not respect, nor do I have much compassion for, people who refuse to admit their choices and mistakes, and instead expect pity from others for things they claim are “Not their fault.” The blame game never works. I didn’t buy that lie years ago when a friend of mine tried to blame something on his mother, and I don’t buy it now from anyone. No one is responsible for your choices but YOU!



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